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Force-Adaptive Wire Cutting, Zurich, 2016
AAG 2016 Workshop
Spatial Wire Cutting (SWC) is a novel digital fabrication technique - developed by the group of Gramazio Kohler Research at ETH Zurich - that is performed by the coordinated movement of two six-axis robotic arms, which control the curvature of a hot-wire, adopting itself against the resistance of the processed material. By escaping from the linearity of the cutting medium, this approach fosters a material-efficient and fast manufacturing of double curved surface objects by single cutting procedures. As such, SWC significantly expands the grammar of possible hot-wire cutting geometries and ultimately brings forward a fully integrated design, simulation and fabrication approach.

The workshop at the Advances in Architectural Geometry (AAG) conference in September 2016 will focus on the expanded geometric possibilities of SWC and will focus on computational design and simulation in direct connection to the adaptive fabrication system. Participants will investigate a range of SWC surface typologies and will robotically fabricate them as full-scale polystyrene elements. The workshop will introduce a custom computational design and simulation framework (Grasshopper/RhinoPython) and a cooperative robotic fabrication set-up, consisting of two Universal Robots UR5.

To apply and for further information, please visit: AAG 2016 Conference

Gramazio Kohler Research, ETH Zurich

Collaborators: Romana Rust (project lead), David Jenny
Students: Ines Ariza, Julien Beauchamp-Roy, Giulio Brugnaro, Christina Doumpioti, Angelo Figliola, Nicholas Hoban, Marko Jovanovic, Lisa Keskinen, Riccardo La Magna, Josef Musil, Andrea Quartara, Inés J Pedras, Hsiao Wei Yu

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