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MAS DFAB: Eggshell Pavilion
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The Programmed Wall
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Final model
Final model
Final model

Final model
Final model

Final model
Programming setup

Wood beam prefabrication
Robotic assembly

Complex Timber Structures 1, ETH Zurich, 2013
Elective course (4KP)
The elective course "Complex Timber Structures" dealt with the design and fabrication of spatial structures of beam shaped wooden elements. The students analysed traditional and contemporary timber systems and reinterpreted them using digital tools. The digital fabrication technology and the resulting opportunities and constraints formed the basis for the design of the students. The students built their designs on a model scale with small robots using specially developed programming tools. Integration of the robot-building process constraints such as length, angle constraints of the components and the assembly sequence of the structures defined in a significant manner the specific student design solutions.

Gramazio Kohler Research, ETH Zurich

Collaborators: Michael Knauss, Luka Piskorec
Students: Lukas Ballo, Nishtha Banker, Tom Doan, Jacob Fink, Dominik Ganghofer, Pierre-Jean Holl, Rossitza Kotelova, Renuka Makwana, Daniel Michel, Unnati Mistry, Takashi Owadat, Irene Prieler, Micha Ringger, Pascal Ruckstuhl, Enrique Ruiz Durazo, Mari Saetre, Grau Sara, David Schildberger, Nishita Shah, Abigail Stoner, Taku Sugimoto, Andreas Thoma

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