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Build-up process - movie clip
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Final model

Final model
Final model

Final model
Final model

Stick feeder
Build-up process

Final model
Build-up process

Spatial Aggregations 1, ETH Zürich, 2012
Elective course (4KP)
The course dealt with spatial assemblies created through positioning of straight rod-like elements in space by making use of robot`s six degrees of freedom and man-to-machine interaction. It was investigated into buildup sequences as well as into evaluation logics that allow to aggregate spatial structures without the need of additional scaffolding. Such aggregations lead away from conventional space-frame typologies, performing ever more complex structural capabilities. Through developing different man-to-machine buildup procedures, optimal work-flow can be achieved without compromising the design's intricacy. In this, a new digital design and fabrication scope is enabled while generating robust, inherently redundant aggregations with multiple load paths and connection opportunities.

Gramazio Kohler Research, ETH Zurich

Collaborators: Luka Piskorec (project lead), Thomas Cadalbert, Ralph Bärtschi
Students: Johan Julius Petrus Aejmelaeus-Lindström, Stella Azariadi, Ripple Chauhan, Sonja Cheng, Ivana Damjanovic, Christian Grewe Rellmann, David Jenny, Eveline Job, Andreas Kissel, Bo Li, Joe Liao, Lukas Mersch, Evangelos Pantazis, Kulshresth Patel, Stylianos Psaltis, Tarika Sajnani, Gabriela Schär, Hjalmar Schmid, Katharina Schwiete, Rahil Shah, Josiena Simonian, Enzo Valerio, Janki Vyas, James Yeo, Sasada Yushi

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