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Seminar week HS22, Zurich, 2022
Immersive explorations of architectural acoustics
We are constantly experiencing acoustics in our daily lives, in our homes, working spaces, or outdoors. Every space has its unique acoustic character, which is the result of its geometry and the materials of its surfaces. It is becoming increasingly apparent that room acoustics should be included in the design process, alongside light and material, to design the atmosphere of spaces. Yet, as Raymond M. Schafer said, "the modern architect is designing for deaf. His ears are stuffed with bacon."

In this seminar week, we go on a journey to explore, experience, and understand acoustics. We will record the soundscapes of different spaces, listen to them, and compare them inside the Immersive Design Lab (IDL) of ETH Zurich at Hönggerber. We will learn how to perform multichannel audio recordings using the Zylia ZM-1 high-order ambisonic microphone, how to process these recordings using Reaper, and finally, how to use the 75 speakers inside the IDL to reproduce different soundscapes. Furthermore, experts will introduce you to the basic principles of acoustic design. Finally, we will visit SE MUSICLAB in Bern to experience how spatial audio is used in acoustic research.

Visit the seminar week's webpage for more information and resources.

Gramazio Kohler Research, ETH Zurich

Tutor: Achilleas Xydis
Students: Allenbach Carole, Bräm Elias, Du Hoi Ming, Graf Nicola, Horkulak Lewis, Li Fei, Lu Chenying, Muschiato Mariavittoria, Schneuwly Eva, Sen Shreya, Xu Linquan, Tami Kyan
Selected experts: Carlotta Daro, Jürgen Strauss
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