Remote Material Deposition Sitterwerk , Sitterwerk, St. Gallen, 2014
Elective thesis (6CP)

In this elective thesis we continued our investigation into Remote Material Deposition and demonstrated – in cooperation with the Sitterwerk St.Gallen – this entirely new fabrication technique for the first time at full architectural scale. The architectural installation was a result of a one-month-long workshop and, within this scope, proposes a radically new way of thinking about and materializing architecture: Featuring an industrial robot that aggregates material over distance and therefore exceeds its predefined workspace, this installation brings not only forward a novel scale of digital fabrication in architecture – it also takes a first step in characterizing a novel approach in digital fabrication, taking architecture beyond the creation of static forms to the design of dynamic material aggregation processes.

Diagram of the design-to-fabrication feedback loop
Section through the scanned point-cloud of the final structure
Scanned point-cloud of the structure overlayed with simulated projectile trajectories

Projectile production - a clay cylinder extruder
Robotic fabrication setup
Long exposure shot showing the trajectories of a light projectile

Final structure
Final structure
Final structure

Gramazio & Kohler, Architecture and Digital Fabrication, ETH Zurich

In cooperation with: Sitterwerk Kunst und Produktion - Felix Lehner, Julia Lütolf, Ariane Roth, Laurin Schaub
Collaborators: Sebastian Ernst (project lead), Kathrin Dörfler, Luka Piskorec
Students: Ralph Benker, Bo Cheng, Roberto Naboni, Pascal Ruckstuhl, Ivana Stiperski, Simone Stünzi, Anna Szabo, Andreas Thoma, Martin Thoma, Alexander Nikolas Walzer, James Yeo
Sponsors: Festo AG, Schweiz
Hans und Wilma Stutz Stiftung, Herisau
IKEA-Stiftung (Schweiz), Basel