The Opening, ETH Zurich, 2008
Elective Course

During the project “The Opening” we continued our research on the integration of functional aspects of wood wall elements into the design and production process. The starting point for this semester was the conclusion that within complex, parametric systems the insertion of an opening afterwards would mostly destroy the intelligence embedded in such a system. Due to this fact the design task of this course was to set up a system for sill and lintel which forms the basis for the generation of the complete design of a wood wall.

Gramazio & Kohler, Architecture and Digital Fabrication, ETH Zurich

Collaborators: Silvan Oesterle (project lead), Ralph Bärtschi, Mike Lyrenmann
Students: Chris Bedekovic, David Brunner, Nils Büchel, Elias Deger, Tom Dowdall, Daniel Ebertshäuser, Deborah Fehlmann, Rohaan Gertjan, Sandra Gonon, Andreas Jäger, Christian Keil, Lutz Kögler, Georg Krüger, Marina Llopis Valaison, Wei Luo, Pentti Marttunen, Cornelia Meier, Madeleine Ohla, Palle Petersen, Thomas Schiratzki, Roberto Schumacher, Raoul Skrein-Bumballa, Florian Summa, Thomas Summermatter, Jorrit Verduin, Tao Wang, Adam Wilson, Caspar Wissing, Victor Wolff Casado, Huibiao Wu Huibiao, Marc Wunderlich