Mesh–Mould, SEC Singapore ETH Centre, ETH Zurich , 2012-2016
ETH Research Project

The research project Mesh-Mould addresses the 1:1 construction aspects of robotically fabricated loadbearing structures. Considering the use of standard industrial robots with its limited payload capacities, however with a high capacity for precise spatial coordination, an optimal use of the machine requires construction processes with minimal mass transfer and a high degree of geometric definition. Subsequently the fabrication of formwork for material efficient, thus geometric complex concrete elements constitutes the focus of this investigation. Mesh-Mould combines formwork and reinforcement into one single robotically fabricated construction system. The project (US Provisional Patent Application No. 61/873,467) is conducted in close collaboration with Sika Technology AG as an industry partner and expert in cementitious materials.

PLA meshes in scale 1:5 extruded on UR robot at FCL
Extrusion process of PLA meshes in scale 1:5

Prototypical concrete wall section
Extrusion process of prototype in ABS

Gramazio & Kohler, Architecture and Digital Fabrication, ETH Zurich

Collaborators: Norman Hack (project lead), Willi Viktor Lauer

Thesis Supervisor:
Prof. Matthias Kohler, Prof. Fabio Gramazio

Industry partner: Sika Technology AG, Switzerland