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TailorCrete, 2009-2013
Industrial Technologies for Tailormade Concrete Structures
TailorCrete combines the knowledge and resources of architects, designers, concrete technologists, civil and structural engineers and robot experts with the practical experiences of key players in the construction sector in a 4-year collaborative research. It will involve intensive testing and validation of results at laboratory scale and in full-scale prototypes and demonstrations in experimental buildings. TailorCrete is based on a grant from the European Unions FP-7 research program. Fourteen academic and industrial partners will develop a set of new technologies including digital design and fabrication tools, new formwork and reinforcement systems to radically change the way concrete is currently produced and used.

The Professorship for Architecture and Digital Fabrication of ETH Zurich develops a reusable wax based on site free-form concrete formwork as well as digital design and fabrication tools that make the Tailorcrete technologies available from design through planning to fabrication.

In March 2012, the new wax based formwork technology has been awarded the
Global Holcim Innovation Prize.
Gramazio Kohler Research, ETH Zurich

Research programme: EU FP7 Programme
Collaborators: Silvan Oesterle (project lead), Daniel Rohlek, Ammar Mirjan, Axel Vansteenkiste, Dominik Ganghofer, Stella Azariadi, Noah Bhler, Thomas Cadalbert, Petrus Aejmelaeus-Lindstrm, Tobias Bonwetsch, Andrea Kondziela, Samuel Bernier-Lavigne
Selected experts: Danish Technological Institute (Coordinator), Chalmers University of Technology, University of Southern Denmark, Czech Technical University, El Caleyo Nuevas Technologas, Paschal Danmark A/S, Superpool, Giben Scandinavia A/S, DesignToProduction, Grace Bauprodukte GmbH, Dragados, Unicon A/S, NV Bekaert SA

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