R-O-B, 2007-2008
Mobile Fabrication Unit

R-O-B extends the traditional prefabrication process of construction: the robot leaves the protected environment of the production hall and ventures out to the building site. Housed in a modified freight container, the R-O-B mobile fabrication unit can be used anywhere in the world. It combines the advantages of prefabrication – precision and consistent high quality – with the advantages of short transport routes and just-in-time production on the building site. Furthermore, the mobile fabrication unit is not restricted to a predefined manufacturing process or a particular building material. Making use of computer methodologies in the design and fabrication process allows for manufacturing building elements with highly specific forms, which could not be build manually.

Gramazio & Kohler, Architecture and Digital Fabrication, ETH Zurich

Client: Keller AG Ziegeleien, Pfungen
Collaborators: Michael Lyrenmann (project lead), Tobias Bonwetsch, Ralph Bärtschi
Selected experts: Viola Zimmermann (cooperate identity)
Model making: Christoph Junk
Selected contractors: Bachmann Engineering AG Zofingen (integration)