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Lorin Wiedemeier is an architect with a practice that spans both design and research. He is currently contributing as a research and teaching assistant at Gramazio Kohler Research, ETH Zurich.

Embarking on his academic journey in 2017, Lorin pursued his bachelor's degree, during which he worked as a student assistant for both the Chair of Structural Design and under the guidance of Christophe Girot. After finishing his degree in 2020, he worked as an intern at Bearth & Deplazes and Giuliani Hönger Architekten.

In 2021, Lorin started his master's degree, during which he actively participated in international architectural competitions, two of which were awarded second and third placements, and he was honored with the Buildner Student Award in 2022 for his competition entry for the Iceland Volcano Lookout Point Competition.
In 2023, Lorin completed his master's thesis under the supervision of Roger Boltshauser and Sandro Straube.

Beyond his architectural pursuits, Lorin is engaged with both the arts and mathematics. As a painter, musician, as well as an architect, he explores the intersections between creativity and logic. This duality of interests lends itself neatly to computational design, where artistry and mathematical precision coalesce to create architectural solutions. Together with a partner, Lorin is also developing software solutions tailored for architects and musicians.
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