Acoustics, ETH Zürich, 2008
Elective Course

In this project we investigated adapting the foaming process for the design of active acoustic wall panels. The students engaged with the question of how diffuse reflecting acoustic panels affect the perception of space and the synaesthetic experience between hearing and seeing. Applying algorithmic design tools enabled the parameterised adaptation of the panels to a variety of different spatial and acoustic situations.

visualization of acoustic analysis

Gramazio & Kohler, Architecture and Digital Fabrication, ETH Zurich

Collaborators: Silvan Oesterle (project lead), Michael Lyrenmann, Ralph Bärtschi
Students: Christian Blasimann, Kathrin Hasler, Christoph Junk, Hannes Oswald, Barbara Zwicky
Selected experts: Jürgen Strauss (Acoustics), Kurt Eggenschwiler, EMPA (Acoustics)
Industry partner: Cellform AG, PU-Technik Meyer