The Digital in Architecture II


Prof. Fabio Gramazio    Prof. Matthias Kohler    Jesús Medina

063-0611-00L          Autumn Semester 2019

Lecture                      Thu 15:00 – 16:00

Exercise                     Thu 16:00 – 18:00

Room                         HIB D13.1



About the course

Subject of the course is robotic fabrication in architecture. Through exercises, basic skills such as robotic control are being taught and applied to a small design and fabrication project. The course teaches how to develop a simple fabrication and material aware digital design process linked to a robotic fabrication procedure.

Students learn to use industrial robots such as the Universal Robot UR5 and understand basic principles of robotic control. At the end of the course, students are able to translate simple design ideas into robotic fabrication processes, which they can run independently. Furthermore students deepen their skills in Python and Grasshopper, which they have acquired in the course “The Digital in Architecture 1”.

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News & Updates


19.09.2019 First session -> Course intro

16.09.2019 Information event: 11:00-12:00, HIB Open Space (Floor E)





19.09.2018      Session 1          Intro

26.09.2018      Session 2          Installation Party

03.10.2018      Session 3          Introduction to UR5 online control setup

10.10.2018      Session 4          Desk-crit, process iterations

17.10.2018      Session 5          Mid-term presentation

24.10.2018      n.a.                     Seminarweek

31.11.2018      Session 6          Design development

07.11.2018      Session 7          Tooling design

14.11.2018      Session 8          Integration of tooling design

21.11.2018      Session 9          Desk-crit, process iterations

28.11.2018      Session 10        Design iteration and documentation

05.12.2018      Session 11        Final presentation






Bring your laptop + mouse!

Required software: Rhinoceros 6 for Windows and Grasshopper (see details and install instructions).


19.09.2019      Exercise 1         [assignment] [submit]       Intro




For general questions and discussions, join us on slack.

Jesús Medina          +41 44 633 01 76